Kosova Pet Rescue is a registered not for profit organisation i Kosova (number  (number 5117199-3) that is run solely by volunteers. All donations are used solely for helping Kosova’s companion animals.

Why Kosova?

Quite simply, the stray and abandoned dogs and cats of Kosova are in desperate need. They are subjected to the most horrific treatment, not just from locals, but also from hunters who are paid by the municipalities who want to ‘control’ the stray population.  Kosova has laws about animal welfare but they are weak and hardly ever enforced, even when there is proof of the most serious neglect or abuse, especially when dog fighting groups are reported.  Despite all of this, there are many very kind people who love animals and who are willing to be a part of the change there.

By adopting one of our Kosova dogs or cats, you will be opening your heart and home to the most needy and special companion.

Our Vision

A society where companion animals in Kosova are treated and cared for with respect, and where their owners are fully responsible for their health and welfare.

Our Mission statement

Helping companion animals in Kosova that are in need, to gain a better quality of life by providing them with a safe haven, vet care, rehabilitation, and when ready, rehoming.

Our aims

Our group are dedicated to the:

  • Rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing of Kosova’s cats and dogs
  • Spaying/Neutering of as many cats and dogs in Kosova as possible
  • Education of locals through advice, support and direction to publications produced by other rescue organisation
  • Supporting of individuals who rescue and need advice and support
  • Support and advice to individuals who wish to adopt from Kosova and who are uncertain of airline rules or the import rules of their country
  • It costs 30e per dog in a ‘foster’, which in Kosova and surrounding countries is a paid worker who cares for a number of dogs
  • It costs 40e to neuter a male and 50e to spay a female (cat/dog)
  • Vaccinations cost 10e each, microchipping costs 12e and flea/tick treatment costs 11e
  • Kosova Pet Rescue is run by volunteers whose financial contributions make up most of the funding
  • Kosova Pet Rescue’s funds and donations are used on helping companion animals only
  • Kosova Pet Rescue helps to spay/neuter local people’s cats and dogs, as well as the stray and abandoned who are lucky enough to have locals feeding them in their neighbourhoods
Sona and Kitto
2 neighbourhood cats that we spayed at the request of a local
  • To offer the highest standard of companion animal care in Kosova, always striving towards the same levels as in Europe.
  • To efficiently rehome our animals to the best possible homes and provide ongoing support and advice for new owners.
  • To encourage a non-judgmental approach towards owners and their animals, whatever their circumstances, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the animal.
  • To work with partners who hold the same core values that we do, with the aim of helping rehome dogs and cats
  • To meet all requests for help with a prompt and professional response.
  • To raise awareness about the needs of companion animals in Kosova and to protect both the dogs and cats of today and the future.

Kosova Pet Rescue was founded in September 2014 at a time when the plight of dogs in so called shelters there was at it’s height.  With only the 2 volunteer founders who were funding the project at that point, we could only afford to take on a small number of dogs so we organised for a friend to hire a van and remove as many of those who were greatest in need from what can only be described as a hell camp in Shashkovc.  We rescued 11 beautiful dogs and they became known as our Lucky 11.  We moved the Lucky 11 to a ‘foster’ and slowly started helping other very needy dogs, and then cats.  As the dog/cat numbers grew, so did our board – we were lucky enough to bring on board wonderful animal lovers who also wanted to affect change in Kosova.

2 of the Lucky 11
2 of the Lucky 11: Nakia (blind and deaf Rottie) & Sky (disabled Husky)