Basil was a sick and lonely little boy, having been dumped on the harsh streets of Kosovo and left there for months in freezing temperatures.

Basil (2)

We took Basil on to our adoption programme and after a few months of him not responding well to being in a shelter environment we found a home foster for him in Pristina.  Meg the foster took Basil and his girlfriend, Millie, and worked her magic on them to get them ready for adoption.

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It wasn’t long before Basil was offered a new home in NY, USA, so we sent him to his new life with a wonderful flight volunteer on August 7 2015.


Before going to his forever home, Basil spent time on a farm with a very special friend of ours who has adopted 3 of our dogs already. The photos below show Basil enjoying time with his friend from Kosovo, Maxi, (left) and chill out time with Maxi and the rest of the pack (right).

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Basil is now in his forever home and has two siblings: Ernie and Dexter.  Basil goes everywhere with his family and is the most loved boy in the whole world, and we couldn’t have wished for a more perfect family.

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