Let’s Save the Lives of the Stray and Abandoned of Kosova

We are so grateful that you are considering a donation to help the dogs and cats we have rescued and want to help have a new, safe life. Please feel free to donate whatever you can afford, but with hundreds of people donating a little, we can help to save so many of the beautiful stray and abandoned in Kosova. So, please consider a monthly donation, which will go a long way towards helping pay for the food, vetting, boarding and transport costs for the dogs and cats that we have rescued.
Vetting costs as follows:
Microchip:      12 e
DHLLP:               10 e
Rabies:             10 e
Rabies titer test: 86 e (including DHL transport to Germany)
What do things for the dogs cost in Kosova?
Blankets 5 – 10 e each
Dog bed 10 e
1 x 20g bag of dog food 20 e
Collars are 5 e each
Leads are 4 e each
Options for donating:
Directly to PayPal:
Kosova banking:

NLB Bank account: 4232 6004 2011 2087 Argenta Dociqi

if you are in Kosova, you can text Vala and ZMobile number 55553 to donate.

Be A Buddy

We know that so many people would love to be able to adopt our dogs and cats but for whatever reason, are unable. If you are unable to adopt or foster, why not be a Buddy instead until they find their forever home? Our Buddy Programme will allow people to help provide much-needed support for a dog or cat that they fall in love with. All being a Buddy costs is 10 Euros each month and in return, we will send the Buddy weekly updates and photos and you can write a message to your little Buddy that we add to their webpage. Once the little darling gets adopted, we notify you so you have the choice whether to Buddy another.

All you need to do is to click on the Buddy Pledge button below and when you go through to Paypal, please add a note where it says ‘Add special instructions to recipient’, advising which dog or cat’s name that you want to Buddy. We will then send you updates and a monthly reminder.

If you would like to be a Buddy but do not use Paypal, please contact us so we can find a way you can take part