Flight Volunteers

If anyone is planning to travel to the U.S., Canada, or the EU, or if you have friends or family who will be visiting you in Kosova and then returning to any of those places, please consider being a flight volunteer for Kosova Pet Rescue (KPR). You’ll be saving the life of a rescue dog or a cat, and the whole thing requires minimal effort on your part. A supporter’s mother recently went to visit Kosova and travelled back to the U.S. with a dog from the KPR, so she has first-hand experience of the whole process and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Being a flight volunteer is really straightforward: once you have your flight booked, let KPR know that you’d like to be a volunteer, provide your booking reference and we’ll check to ensure your flight is suitable (airline accepts animals, whether they have space, layover is the right duration). If it is, we will seek confirmation to reserve space in cargo and/or in cabin, depending on what you are comfortable with. Once space has been reserved, you just need to show up at the airport like normal on the day of your flight.

We ensure that the animal has all of the required vaccinations, microchip, passport with the health record and necessary paperwork for the airline and for the country of their destination, including rabies titer test and 3rd country certificate for EU travel, so there won’t be any problems with customs.

On flight day, one of our volunteers will meet you at the airport with the dog or cat flying and will make sure that they get checked in for the flight. Volunteering to fly with one of our rescues will not cost you an additional penny, we cover all of the animals’ transport costs. If you take a dog or cat in cabin we ensure you have puppy pee pads, wipes, water cup, collar and leash and an appropriate carry bag. If travelling with a dog or cat that will be in the cargo hold, you will be able to check in and board your flight as normal when they are checked in; the airline will transfer the dog if you have a layover, so you won’t have any added stress during the your travels. All we ask is that you ask the airline staff to please check their water bottle/cup and refill as required. Once you reach your final destination, you’ll claim the dog along with your checked bags and proceed through customs with their paperwork. We will have arranged for a volunteer at your destination to meet you at the airport arrivals gate, where they will take the happy dog or cat off of your hands. It’s as simple as that.

Your ticket could also be a dog or cat’s ticket out of Kosova and into a life where they will be fostered and adopted by loving families! Volunteering to fly with a pet might seem daunting, but as you see above, it’s easy. Please consider volunteering, it will save a life and open up a space at our shelter so we can rescue another needy animal. If you have any questions or want to discuss the possibility of being a flight volunteer please feel free to email us on kosovopetrescue@gmail.com.

If you are unable to adopt, why not Be a Buddy