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The Happy Tail of the year has arrived; so many have waited for Genti’s new life and it is finally here.

Genti’s journey began a year ago when he was reported to have been shot in Podujevo, a town well known for dogs being shot on a daily basis in the misguided belief that it reduces stray dog numbers. Svetlana and Branka went to rescue Genti and found that there was dog that had been shot and killed near Genti, but that Genti was alive and paralysed, so he needed urgent medical attention.  The vet confirmed that Genti had not been shot, and that his paralysis was most likely either the damage caused by distemper, or a hard impact to his spine.

rescue day

Genti when first rescued

Genti at the vet

At the vet’s








Svetlana cared for Genti for a while to ensure he had the care that he needed and when he was ready and the weather was good, he was moved to a paid foster – Akilijie – who provided him with a large open garden and great care, so that he could start his rehabilitation.

happy tails

Loved and safe at last

happy tails genti

Enjoying the outdoors at Akilijie’s








After months of great care and treatment, Genti began to move his legs, then to try and lay up rather than on his side, and finally he started to try and walk.  Genti proved to be a very determined boy indeed.

no longer on his side

No longer lying on his side











As soon as Genti was ready to be rehomed, his profile was shared and he received a wonderful offer from experienced foster, Dell and her family, in USA.  Wonderful supporters donated sufficient funds to pay for most of a flight and Genti’s flight costs to ensure Genti got out of Kosovo before winter became too much for him, and a German group were kind enough to donate a crate.

Genti flew with Krista Leleu and two other special dogs – Princa and Cara – on 11 December 2015.


One final cuddle with his angel, Svetlana


Krista meeting gorgeous Genti


Ready to fly


Taken to the plane



Goodbye Pristina – being loaded on to the plane













Krista and the dogs arrived slightly late, but wonderful volunteer driver, Al, was there waiting for them, gave them a special treat, and then started the long drive to meet Genti’s welcoming committee, Dell and Terri.  The ladies drove until the early hours to get the dogs to their homes.


Krista and Al with the dogs


Precious cargo handover








Genti was welcomed with a lovely cuddle to settle him, then he went in to a crate so he could get used to his surroundings in his own time.  Dell and her family are in love with this boy – well he is very special.  We are all so very excited to hear the updates in his happy tail and to see how he progresses, but as long as Genti is happy and loved, that’s all that matters to us.


Cuddle time


Taking it all in










Svetlana and Kosovo Pet Rescue group are very grateful to everyone for being a part of this special boy’s journey, but especially: Akilijie for providing such great care; Jacqui and her German colleagues for donating the crate; Heartstrings group in Pennsylvania for organising the placement; Dell and her family for fostering Genti; Krista for being a fabulous flight volunteer; Al for collecting and chauffering Genti and the girls; Dell and Terri for collecting the dogs and driving them to their new homes; and all of the supporters who donated to make this all happen.

Genti’s journey can be viewed on this YouTube video: