The 3 beautiful Kosovo dogs that left for Chicago on 28 November 2015 arrived safe and sound thanks to super flight volunteers, Buqe and Kushtrim.  All 3 did very well on their trip and made Kosovo proud with their very good behaviour and giving lots of kisses to those who wanted them.  Adopter of Sunny, Casey, and her crew collected the dogs from the airport and after spending a night with Casey’s lovely family, they set off for the long drive back to Colorado, where they have started to settle in and realised they can finally relax.

All three dogs were shown kindness by numerous people in Kosovo, Chicago and Colorado, so a huge thank you goes out to: Vlora Bajgora and friends for rescuing Sunny and trusting us to place him; Argjenta Dociqi for rescuing Bronhi (now Lady) from Gracanica and Shqiponja Gashi for fostering her; Svetlana for pulling Lily from Gracanica for us; Buqe and Kushtrim for being flight volunteers; Casey and family for taking great care of the fur kids and then driving them to Colorado; Casey, Linda and Salli for adopting Sunny, Lily and Bronhi respectively; and Sasa for fostering the dogs, preparing them for their trip and getting them to the airport so early.

Sunny on his way to US at last
Lily and Sunny’s last steps in Kosovo
Lily having a cuddle
Sunny & Lily showing appreciation
Lily & Sunny
Flight volunteer, Buqe Breca with Sunny
Auntie Meg with Sunny & Lily
Bronhi liked the comfort of her bag

Lovely Lily taking her last look at Kosovo
Tags being placed, ready to travel
Lily is finally ready to fly
The gorgeous Kosovo girls on their way
Arrived in Chicago at last
Arrived in Chicago at last
Lily showing how grateful she is
Lily showing how grateful she is
Buqe with the adopters of Sunny
Buqe with the adopters of Sunny

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