Odette Mustafa


Odette Mustafa

Odette is Dutch and married to a Kosovar man. Her first visit to Kosovo was in 1997 and she visited many times since then to see family and friends.  As an animal lover, seeing the pain and suffering of the strays firsthand, she felt compelled to try and do something, so as soon as an opportunity to start a rescue in Kosovo, Odette has been completely dedicated.

Odette has 1 rescue cat, who unfortunately does not appreciate the company of her own species. She wants to help as many animals in Kosovo as she can, and also sponsors through various rescue organisations abroad to help those in need. Odette also donates her time driving long distances to collect dogs and cats that are arriving from abroad.

“There are so many animals in desperate need worldwide and this is why we started with our Lucky 11 dogs from Shashkov ‘shelter’. We want to help, even if it is just a drop on a hot plate, every animal taken of the streets is a change to a better life. I want to thank all of you for your support, together we can make a real difference.”

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