Import rules

We are often asked about, and have helped people with, importing their pets to other countries, and thought it might be useful to have a document with import information and useful links and documents for adopters to refer to.  Please feel free to use the links below to go directly to the country of your choice.

Canadian import rules | UK import rules | USA import rules

If you would like any assistance or advice on import rules to your country, please feel free to contact us on Facebook or by Email.


Pets cannot enter Canada before they are 4 months old, as they must have had their rabies vaccination at least a month before they enter Canada, and they cannot have their rabies vaccination until 3 months old.

In order to import dogs or cats in to Canada they must have an owner but the pet can travel with a flight volunteer as long as they have a letter of authorisation stating that they have authorised the volunteer to transport their adopted dog to Canada.

The pet must have a passport with all of their details in, especially identifying information (e.g. age, colouring), and rabies vaccination, which must be dated, stamped and signed appropriately by a qualified vet. It is good practice to obtain the vet’s registration number or ask them to add that under the rabies vaccination stamp.

The pet must have had a health check that is not older than 10 days.

The crate or bag you purchase for transporting your pet must meet IATA rules. Most airlines charge per crate so you can get 2 (or 3 if all puppies) in to 1 crate and are only charged once – average charge is 300e; cabin is 70-150 depending on the airline.

When you are entering Canada you must check ‘yes’ to importing animals, otherwise you can be fined.

At customs the pet’s passports will be checked and customs will ascertain if the pet is owned by someone. Key for them is whether the dog was paid for, as that would mean import tax should be paid.

To check the full rules, please follow this link and there is a useful checklist that you complete and it tells you what you are required to do to import your pet:


Take your pet to a vet to get their passport started.

It is very important that the microchip is inserted first and that the date is clearly written and is either the same day or before the rabies vaccination date.

Rabies vaccination can be done as soon as a pup is 3 months old and the date must be clearly written.

After 30 days your pet is ready for their rabies titer test, which is carried out by your vet and sent to an approved lab (we use the one in Germany). Titer test costs vary depending on the vet but an example is: 10e blood withdrawal, some charge 10e for paperwork completion, 50-55e for the DHL transport to Germany (you can get the test done with others and send all in one go so you can split the costs).

When the lab receive the samples from the vet they will email you to advise that they require payment of 37e before they conduct the test.

The lab will email the results to you, and send the original to the vet for when the 3rd country certificate needs preparing.

3 months from the date of the sample being taken your pet is ready for travel.

A few days before your travel is due, a 3rd country certificate needs preparing – please contact us if you would like a blank copy. The vet completes the certificate and then you or a representative call/email the Food and Vet Agency in Fushe Kosova (038 551 918/ to make an appointment, and then take the certificate to them at Zona Industriale, Fushe Kosovë 10000 Prishtina. The FVA will expect you to have the passport, titer test results, and on occasion they expect a copy of the identity document of the person transporting the pet. Before you leave the FVA, ensure the FVA vet stamps their section (Endorsement by the competent authority) and that they give the same reference in the required sections (page 1 1.2, and pagse 2 and 3 II.a).

Dogs only ~ No less than 24 hours, and no more than 120 hours (5 days), before you enter the UK, you must take your pet to the vet to have their tapeworm treatment. Note that the passport and third country certificate must contain the date and time the treatment was given and that the treatment must contain the active ingredient of Praziquantel or equivalent ingredient. Remember that if you are transporting your dogs overland, factor in the tapeworm treatment so that the 5 days have not expired by the time you reach the border.

Ensure you have all documents required for transport: passport, 3rd country certificate, original titer test results (or a copy stamped and signed by the vet), declaration advising whether you or another person designated by you will be transporting the pet, and a letter of authorisation from you if someone else is transporting them.

Pets cannot be flown in to UK with a passenger (unless exempt from this rule). They can be flown cargo but the nearest route that allows this is Sofia (Bulgaria) and it is very expensive. Other options are flying the dog to a country with a border to UK (France, Holland, Belgium) or sending them overland with a transport. Eurotunnel from Calais is a nice quick option and affordable if you can get your pet to Calais.

At the Pet Reception Centre of the route you take, you will need to present the 3rd country certificate and titer document and they may ask for the other documents so keep them ready. They will ask you to scan your pet’s neck/shoulder for the chip so they can check the chip. If all is OK, they will give you a visa sticker for you/your car and you can proceed to your transport.

To view the full rules, please follow this link:


USA requires the pet to have a passport or a full health certificate – both must show the dogs’ descriptor information (age, colouring etc).

The rabies vaccination must be done at least a month before entering USA, therefore the pet cannot be less than 4 months old.

The pet must have a health check completed in their passport and it cannot be older than 10 days.

The crate or bag you purchase for transporting your pet must meet IATA rules. Most airlines charge per crate so you can get 2 (or 3 if all puppies) in to 1 crate and are only charged once – average charge is 300e; cabin is 70-150 depending on the airline.

When entering USA, please remember to check Yes to importing animals. When at customs, they will check the passport for the pet’s info, rabies vaccination and health check.

To check the full rules, please follow this link: