Why Foster?

Fostering a dog or cat is a very special way to help them out of a life that oftentimes puts them in danger or prevents them from living rather than simply existing. It is not dramatic to say that fostering saves lives – it is a fact that hundreds of thousands, if not more, dogs and cats are euthanised worldwide because shelters are overflowing, so whilst fostering is not the only solution to putting a stop to needless killing, it is one part of the solution. Do you want to be a part of the solution? Why not consider fostering one of our dogs? We are especially in search of fosters across Europe and UK, so  if you would like to open your home to a beautiful Kosovo dog and help them in to a wonderful new life, please download our Fostering Application Form 2015 and email to us on kosovopetrescue@gmail.com.

Millie was scared of dogs and people, but fostering helped her overcome her fears
Millie was scared of dogs and people, but fostering helped her overcome her fears

Our Foster Quotes

Dogs are dying because no one can help them.  Rescues and pounds are full, and if we had more foster homes, so many more could be saved. Please think about fostering, these dogs need a chance to feel safe, wanted and loved, and to get a chance to live in an environment that will get them ready for the future ahead, which is only the best. To see these dogs come into your home , some from the worst circumstances you can imagine, to living the life they should be, all because you gave that dog the chance. I can honestly tell you with hand on my heart, it’s the most reward thing you can do to see these dogs living a safe and happy life. I have had many foster dogs each and everyone unique in their own way I have seen them bloom and there is no better feeling.  My whole family love helping dogs, the photo compilation shows 2 of our fosters.