How else can you volunteer?

  • Be Creative

    Our dogs are always in need of jumpers and dog beds in all weathers so please consider getting creative to help, whether it is knitting jumpers, or fashioning jumpers and dog beds out of jumpers/sweaters that are no longer needed. An example of the easy and quick method of using the sleeve of a jumper is below.

    The comfortable bed below is simple and quick to make, and you can use recycled clothes or materials to stuff it with.  To follow the instructions from the site where we copied the idea from, click here.



  • Build dog houses

    The weather in Kosova is usually in the extreme – the heat is unbearable, the rain is torrential, and the snow is immense.  Dog houses are critical to keeping the dogs safe and healthy, and they cost a fortune to purchase as new in Kosova, so if you would like to donate your time to building some dog houses, please contact us with your design ideas.

  • Create publications

    We are looking for someone with a special interest in design and publication who would like to contribute their time and skills to create some leaflets and posters for us to promote our work, and adoption and general care of companion animals in Kosova.  If you would like to help, please contact us.

  • Home Checker

    We rely on volunteers to check the homes and gardens of those that are looking to adopt from us, so please contact us if you would like more information or would like to help.

  • Take Photos & Videos

    If you would like to take photographs and videos of our dogs so they have a better chance of finding their forever family, please contact us.

  • Transport

    We are always in need of transporters both in Kosova and in Europe, UK and USA.  If you can dedicate any time to transporting dogs, please contact us.